Our Home in County Wexford, Ireland
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The Background

We built our home in County Wexford, in the sunny south east of the Irish Republic in 1998.
We designed it together with a local architect and with the intention of going there to live permanently when I retired as a GP in London. Our plans have had to change, because since we built the house our grown children have married and we have five grand-children in England. So our main home is now in the West Country and we use the house in Ireland for our holidays, as do our children and their families.
But we love every moment we spend there. Our lives in England are busy with our family, our friends and our many interests, and when we go to our Irish home we regenerate and recuperate in the light and the silence. In the summer we keep the large garden and go on long walks on the coast and in the lovely countryside or mountains. In the winter we sit by the log burning stove and bask, paint, write and read, listen to music and play the piano. And just sometimes we watch television or a DVD!

Our Ethos

Sadly, we and our family cannot be in the house all the time. We hate it to be left empty. It is a home that cries out to be loved, lived in and enjoyed. So we would like people who feel and care as we do to share it with us. People who will care for it, treat it kindly and leave it as they would like to find it. In exchange we would offer it not as a profit making concern, but at a rate that will cover our costs of maintenace, heating and electricity. So the amount we would ask you would probably be less than that of an equivalent rent-a-cottage (if there is such a place). And this includes heating, electricity and the oil fired central heating/hot water, considerate use of the telephone and much else. You would have nothing more to pay, other than your travelling expenses.
But remember this is our home. You will find our books (lots!) paintings (many by ourselves) and fairly well stocked kitchen cupboards. Our own clothes will be tidied away and hopefully out of your way. There is nothing sparse or stark about it.
So - do find out more about it. It is all on the link below:

Our Home - Shielbaggan